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Josh Hyde started filmmaking through super-8 films and slowly progressed to 16mm, which led him to team up with Cinematographer Dan Fischer to make an hour long documentary, Spectrum, that follows a group of juvenile delinquents through a 30-day wilderness rehabilitation course. Following this, the duo made a surreal short, Everyday, utilizing cross-processing and quoting Bresson, Jarmusch, and Goddard styles. Hyde then added his talent's as an editor to Dirctor James Saldana's documentary about the plight of Albanian refugees, Our Road to Kosovo. Hyde's next project Chicle will be a narrative feature film to be filmed on location in Peru (2003). www.lofuproductions.com Top
Is a cinematographer who collaborates and creates films to make a social impact; centered on society and nature. He teamed up with Josh Hyde 5 years ago to make socially conscious films, and together as Lo-Fu Productions they have made 4 films, and contributed to many others. Fisher, a Chicago native, started in film/video close to ten years ago and has pursued his craft vigerously. "The camera allows me to use art along side of technical thinking, overall to affect people and society." Fischer has a strong background in film as graduate of cinema & photography. Fischer continues to peruse film as a career and (underwater) photography as a hobby. Fischer also has extensive knowledge of nature and outdoor skills.
Daniel “Hal” VanZant is a budding anthropologist from Decatur, Illinois who is in his final year at Southern Illinois University studying cultural and biological anthropology. It was during his first year in the field of anthropology when he was introduced to Hyde and Fischer, and agreed to collaborate with two of them and James Saldana on Despacho. Before Anthropology, Dan was a student of biology, chemistry and psychology through Southern Illinois University's school of science. His current focus in anthropology is the effects of globalization on underdeveloped cultures. After graduating in the spring of 2003, Dan plans to continue working with Lo-Fu productions, and to expand on his research of culture via graduate school next fall. Top

With a formal education in digital video production from the University of Illinois - Chicago, extensive hands-on political experience, well-developed verbal & technical communications skills, and years of travel abroad, James is uniquely qualified to document social-political events around the world.

His abilities are clearly demonstrated by his willingness to tackle difficult subjects in dangerous parts of the world to include Israel (Palestinian West Bank) Daughters of Abraham, Albania & Yugoslavia Our Road To Kosovo, Macedonia Protective Force, and Zimbabwe Glue Gun. In addition, his interest in the plight of indigenous people and spiritualism drew him to the mountains of Peru to participate in the making of Despacho. James' latest project took him to Iraq in to film the events surrounding the current conflict in the Middle East; tentatively named Iraqi Drive-By.
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